JJ's Mobile Bicycle Repair

Seattle, Washington



The Deluxe Tune-up plus unboxing and assembling the bike. Service also includes installation of fenders, rack, and other accessories.





No need to haul your Ebike or bike to the shop! Tune-ups and repairs done on the spot.


With a portable bike stand and tools, I can do a full tune-up(see above for list of included services) and other repairs such as flat fixes, chain replacement, replacing cable housings and cables, replacing brake pads spokes, etc.. Let me know what you need!


I started JJ's Mobile Bicycle Repair in 2009 after seeing the need for a mobile bicycle repair service that can do full bike shop quality tuneups.


I'm happy to explain what I'm doing while working on your bike and enjoy educating customers on bicycle maintenance. Feel free to hang out and ask questions!



 $100 Deluxe Tune-Up

for Bicycles and Ebikes

A La Carte Services

Besides tune-ups, here are some of the other services I can do:


  • Replacing cables and cable housing
  • Bike builds
  • Replace brake pads, chains, cranksets
  • Install spokes
  • Bleeding and installation of disc brakes
  • Replace pads on disc brakes
  • Truing disc brake rotors
  • Wrapping handlebars on road bikes
  • Replacing shifters
  • Replacing tubes and tires
  • Installing saddles and pedals
  • Replace bearings and bottom brackets







"Service was just like taking it to a bike pro in town, but 1/2 the cost, and I didn't have to bug a friend with a truck for a ride.  All in all a great experience, just got back from my first ride :)" -Eric W.



"After watching his skill and his willingness to explain what he was doing and how, I felt very much at ease with his expertise. He pretty much disassembled the bike, cleaned and lubricated everything then reassembled it.  All done with meticulous care while explaining why he was performing the specific maintenance. The bike looks and rides like what I presume it did when new. I highly recommend Jason to anyone in need of bike maintenance or repair."-Al D.



"JJ came to my condo to put my bike together and tune. He showed up on time, was professional and did a great job. Very pleased with the outcome." -Brandon C.



"Excellent Service. Great bike repair. Super friendly and very knowledgeable. Did the job well." -Richard G.



"He did a great job returning her old classic to riding form. Rates were more than reasonable. Looking forward to calling him back for future maintenance and/or annual tune-ups."-Casey W.



"He answered my phone call promptly, made an appointment time for the next day,
came on time, gave my bike a good tune up and assembled a new one we had bought off Amazon.  He was great and did a great job." -Kim G.



"Wow! Jason was awesome! Gave both of our bikes tune ups and washed them. Everything took about an hour and was really affordable. He communicated with us beforehand because I wasn't sure if our bikes needed new tubes. He knew everything and was super knowledgable about all aspects of the bikes and their maintenance. Super friendly, super nice, excellent service." -Erik M.



Jason came to my office for 2 full days and tuned up most of the bikes in our bike room; people had noticeably better/safer rides.  Jason brought all his own equipment, went directly to work, and was terrific to work with!  He even "happened to have" the right tubes to fix a few flats. If you have a bike or a room of bikes that needs a tune up - give this guy a call." -Rusty P.



"I called Jason out to my house in Pflugerville to take a look at my two recumbent trikes. He did an excellent job and both trikes rode better than when we bought them, tuned by a different shop that specializes in trikes."-James S.







This is a 1985 Haro Freestyler that I put together for a customer. Note the platform and front "pedals" for doing tricks.

$120 Boxed Bike and Ebike Build


I work on all types of bicycles and ebikes. Services include full tuneups of bikes and ebikes and assembly of new bikes. Flat fixes and other services are also available. Prices quoted below are for within Seattle. Price includes driving to and from your bike and the service chosen. Outside Seattle will be slightly more. For a la carte services, please call for a quote.

  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Adjust shifting and cable tension
  • Truing of disc brake rotors
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Adjust headset
  • Inspect and inflate tires
  • Replacement of tubes or tires as needed
  • Replacement of brake pads as needed
  • Replacement of cables as needed
  • Clean and lube chain, check for wear, and replace as needed
  • Adjust hubs
  • Adjust seat height if desired
  • Checking bottom bracket for wear and adjust as needed
  • Lubing of cables
  • Wheel truing
  • Check bolts for tightness
  • Full cleaning of bike
  • Test ride of bike

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